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Friday, April 29, 2011

New sculptures

I have been quite busy since my last post. I started building rocket ships from old tin and WWII flashlight parts. At first I was using musical instruments too but I am now exploring electronics. I have begun putting Blink Ms more specifically Free Ms and the result are great.
For the Spectrum 18 competition this year I wanted to make something that incorporated my new rocket ships. So I sculpted a little boy in his pajamas carrying his favorite rocket ship. As it progressed I decided to turn the p.j.s  into a spacesuit. I fashioned a ray gun out of an old French bicycle light with a telephone ringer. I am finishing lighting up the rocket ship and the kid's jet pack which is an Elgin bicycle headlight set with delta torpedo lights. I named the piece Scout.

I found out last week that Scout was chosen in the 18th Annual Spectrum International Competition for Fantastic Art for inclusion in Spectrum 18 out this November. It is my fourth year to be included and I am very excited to be included. I have more wonderful rocket ships and robots coming out in the next few month and I will post working updates.