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Thursday, February 18, 2010


One of the perks of having a studio in an art facility is that there is always visitors. I like when people come around the corner and see my work for the first time. Usually I hear them first.. "Wow","OMG","Look at these amazing robots", "What and imagination"and some expletives. That said there are also people who look at my work and keep moving - You know who your are.

I really enjoy talking about my work and explaining my process - especially to younger viewers. Antique and collectible items, vintage radios and old electronics make great conversation. We cover topics like drawing and writing, craftsmanship, science and mathematics. Since "Max" has an I-pod I also make a point to introduce them to Louis Armstrong and Django Reinhardt.I hope that my work inspires them to explore and enjoy their imaginations and talents. They don't know it but their visits and awe inspire me.

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