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Monday, February 1, 2010

Storyboards Marty and Otto

All the electronics are up and running in Marty and Otto's spacecraft. It looks great and I am a very proud papa. A very big thank you to Garrett Mace at Macetech for helping me make my project a reality. All the programming magic is Garrett's. I look forward to any future projects I have with Garrett. He's brilliant. I should have the video complete this week to showoff the lights and what is possible.

I've dreamed up the story for Marty and Otto and I am currently sketching it out for a picture book. I am having a blast exploring their antics and charm and seem to have an endless supply of ideas. I really enjoy exploring sequential art and storytelling especially when they appear so effortlessly. Here are a couple samples of them both the sketch and the gouache illustration. Some of the sketches I am selling as a limited print and some of the original gouache will be available soon at my web site.

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