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Friday, February 26, 2010

Marty and Otto's "joyride"

A video about my most recent sculpture and the two little inspirations behind it. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I thought it would be fun to create some videos for youtube of my work. The pieces are shot individually and rotate so people can see more than just a flat photograph. All this is to build up my chops so I can really shoot Mart and Otto with the electronics in action. I'll add some set up photos so everyone can see "behind the scenes."

See more here:


One of the perks of having a studio in an art facility is that there is always visitors. I like when people come around the corner and see my work for the first time. Usually I hear them first.. "Wow","OMG","Look at these amazing robots", "What and imagination"and some expletives. That said there are also people who look at my work and keep moving - You know who your are.

I really enjoy talking about my work and explaining my process - especially to younger viewers. Antique and collectible items, vintage radios and old electronics make great conversation. We cover topics like drawing and writing, craftsmanship, science and mathematics. Since "Max" has an I-pod I also make a point to introduce them to Louis Armstrong and Django Reinhardt.I hope that my work inspires them to explore and enjoy their imaginations and talents. They don't know it but their visits and awe inspire me.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Storyboards Marty and Otto

All the electronics are up and running in Marty and Otto's spacecraft. It looks great and I am a very proud papa. A very big thank you to Garrett Mace at Macetech for helping me make my project a reality. All the programming magic is Garrett's. I look forward to any future projects I have with Garrett. He's brilliant. I should have the video complete this week to showoff the lights and what is possible.

I've dreamed up the story for Marty and Otto and I am currently sketching it out for a picture book. I am having a blast exploring their antics and charm and seem to have an endless supply of ideas. I really enjoy exploring sequential art and storytelling especially when they appear so effortlessly. Here are a couple samples of them both the sketch and the gouache illustration. Some of the sketches I am selling as a limited print and some of the original gouache will be available soon at my web site.