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Sunday, January 3, 2010

What a year

I can't believe how fast last year went. I am very happy I moved my studio to the Bakehouse Art Complex. It is a great place to get creative. The art community there is top drawer! Our first display(left) We locked the door so the viewer could only see through the glass.
We built a couch for the robots, made them some fresh popcorn and gave them a T.V. The response was great. December we built a snowball fight and photo opp with the robots. Everyone had a great time and you can see some of the images at The next couple of months we are going to explore outer space.

My art is going in several directions - a book I've been wanting to finish for almost 3 years. I will share with readers over the next few weeks some of the new projects I am exploring. Spectrum 17 deadline is in two weeks so every waking moment is towards THAT deadline. I have several new robots and new sculpture for Spectrum. I am very happy with the results and my submissions.

I've also update my camera skills and will have some youtube videos of my new pieces and old pieces coming ASAP.


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