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Monday, January 11, 2010

Marty and Otto

I've almost finished "Marty and Otto". This project is definitely a labor of love. I just need to tweak my code for the 62 LEDs and the dash controls and I am going to call this one complete. I am also sculpting Marty and Otto as a limited edition set with "Spot"which will be available for sale next month. I'll explain Spot next time.

I went ahead and recycled the snowman from the December photo-op into my version of a "moon" for the studio. My idea of a space theme with the arrival of Marty and Otto. The craters of the moon are Starbucks cups and lids. I am hang on the walls up all my character sketches and concept drawings to sell. They will also be available on the website for those who cannot visit to the studio.

Marty and Otto are my main submission to Spectrum 17 this year. They are two aliens in a space ship I built from old cymbals, V-8 hubcaps and antique camera parts. I used an arduino microcontroller to run 62 LEDs.

I've also been developing a story about how they came about and some of their adventures in space. I am looking forward to illustrating some of them. Spectrum 17 deadline in two weeks!!!

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