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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer time!

Summer is moving along this year but I still find time to think of some new inspiration. I am working on some ideas implementing vintage travel decals - these things are worth a small fortune but wonderful
eye candy. I am working on Florida vintage but you can easily pick just about any other state and find wonderful art. Here is a great one from my friend Sjef. He has a great online collection here.

I could not resist showing another. This is a remake bumper sticker of a Florida Attraction.
They have a HUGE collection of vintage stickers

Marty & Otto a Maker Faire

I just wanted to ta a moment to thank everyone a Macetech and everyone who enjoyed my sculpture at Maker Faire this year. I am glad that I was able to get my sculpture to the Faire and I hope next year I'll be there! You can see more at Mactech flickr page

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Marty and Otto Go to Maker Faire MAKER #3032

I am pleased to announce that Marty and Otto took off this morning for Maker Faire: May 22nd and 23rd, 2010 at the San Mateo County Event Center in San Mateo, CA. Garrett Mace of Macetech invited them and they were more than happy to get out of doing chores here. Looks like they are making plans for a interesting spacecraft or it's a grill I am not sure with those two. The event looks quite impressive and full of two days worth of imagination and scientific mayhem.

For more info on Maker Faire

Thursday, April 1, 2010

RobotIQ National Tournament Miami April 14-18 at the Shops of Midtown Miami

Prepare for Battle!!!
BotsIQ is an educational program created by the producers of the wildly successful BattleBots television series in which homemade remote controlled robots faced-off in competition. As the television show grew in popularity, so did the number of student fans who wanted to build competitive robots of their own.
For more information please go to their website site:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"The Art of the Robot" Mulvane Art Museum June19-Sept 19

Everything is coming together for at a great exhibit at Washburn University in the Mulvane Art Museum. Participating is Greg Brotherton, Lawrence Northey, Andy Hill, Anne P. Smith, The Nerd Bots, Clayton Bailey, Mark May, Eric Joyner, Nemo Gould, Lynn Wilson, Ozzy Loughridge, Jeremy Mayer and myself.

The reception is scheduled for July 2 5-8 pm.

Spectrum 17 Winner!

After months of nail biting and daily checking their website Spectrum announced the artist to be included in the 17 Spectrum!!! I am very happy to be included again among the very best fantasy artists on this planet! Full list of artist is here.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Spectrum 17 Winners!

The winners of Spectrum 17 have been announced! here is the link

I can't wait to know if I was chosen for this year. I had Walt and Blade chosen last year and Joe the year before.

Spectrum 15: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art (Spectrum (Underwood Books))

Spectrum 16: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art (Spectrum (Underwood Books))

Friday, February 26, 2010

Marty and Otto's "joyride"

A video about my most recent sculpture and the two little inspirations behind it. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I thought it would be fun to create some videos for youtube of my work. The pieces are shot individually and rotate so people can see more than just a flat photograph. All this is to build up my chops so I can really shoot Mart and Otto with the electronics in action. I'll add some set up photos so everyone can see "behind the scenes."

See more here:


One of the perks of having a studio in an art facility is that there is always visitors. I like when people come around the corner and see my work for the first time. Usually I hear them first.. "Wow","OMG","Look at these amazing robots", "What and imagination"and some expletives. That said there are also people who look at my work and keep moving - You know who your are.

I really enjoy talking about my work and explaining my process - especially to younger viewers. Antique and collectible items, vintage radios and old electronics make great conversation. We cover topics like drawing and writing, craftsmanship, science and mathematics. Since "Max" has an I-pod I also make a point to introduce them to Louis Armstrong and Django Reinhardt.I hope that my work inspires them to explore and enjoy their imaginations and talents. They don't know it but their visits and awe inspire me.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Storyboards Marty and Otto

All the electronics are up and running in Marty and Otto's spacecraft. It looks great and I am a very proud papa. A very big thank you to Garrett Mace at Macetech for helping me make my project a reality. All the programming magic is Garrett's. I look forward to any future projects I have with Garrett. He's brilliant. I should have the video complete this week to showoff the lights and what is possible.

I've dreamed up the story for Marty and Otto and I am currently sketching it out for a picture book. I am having a blast exploring their antics and charm and seem to have an endless supply of ideas. I really enjoy exploring sequential art and storytelling especially when they appear so effortlessly. Here are a couple samples of them both the sketch and the gouache illustration. Some of the sketches I am selling as a limited print and some of the original gouache will be available soon at my web site.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Spectrum 17

I am glad to put Spectrum 17 to rest. Four submissions is not too bad. Back to illustrating and painting. I also completed Roosevelt, pictured left, which will be donated during Lucky You 2. Lucky You 2 is a raffled for the Bakehouse Art Complex where my studio is located. Should be a grand event.

I just discovered Sergio Martinez illustrations. Outstanding work that has inspired me to work harder on my figure drawing. If you don't know already Yaxin is another amazing illustrator too.

I want to take a moment to talk about Kevin Kidney. His work is perfect every time he puts idea to paper. He and Jody Daily are maestro sculptors and everything they touch becomes truly magical. He clearly made great use of his time with Disney. Check out Kevin's blog - .

Monday, January 11, 2010

Marty and Otto

I've almost finished "Marty and Otto". This project is definitely a labor of love. I just need to tweak my code for the 62 LEDs and the dash controls and I am going to call this one complete. I am also sculpting Marty and Otto as a limited edition set with "Spot"which will be available for sale next month. I'll explain Spot next time.

I went ahead and recycled the snowman from the December photo-op into my version of a "moon" for the studio. My idea of a space theme with the arrival of Marty and Otto. The craters of the moon are Starbucks cups and lids. I am hang on the walls up all my character sketches and concept drawings to sell. They will also be available on the website for those who cannot visit to the studio.

Marty and Otto are my main submission to Spectrum 17 this year. They are two aliens in a space ship I built from old cymbals, V-8 hubcaps and antique camera parts. I used an arduino microcontroller to run 62 LEDs.

I've also been developing a story about how they came about and some of their adventures in space. I am looking forward to illustrating some of them. Spectrum 17 deadline in two weeks!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

What a year

I can't believe how fast last year went. I am very happy I moved my studio to the Bakehouse Art Complex. It is a great place to get creative. The art community there is top drawer! Our first display(left) We locked the door so the viewer could only see through the glass.
We built a couch for the robots, made them some fresh popcorn and gave them a T.V. The response was great. December we built a snowball fight and photo opp with the robots. Everyone had a great time and you can see some of the images at The next couple of months we are going to explore outer space.

My art is going in several directions - a book I've been wanting to finish for almost 3 years. I will share with readers over the next few weeks some of the new projects I am exploring. Spectrum 17 deadline is in two weeks so every waking moment is towards THAT deadline. I have several new robots and new sculpture for Spectrum. I am very happy with the results and my submissions.

I've also update my camera skills and will have some youtube videos of my new pieces and old pieces coming ASAP.